Do your real lashes fall out with extensions?

It's completely normal for natural eyelashes to come off from time to time, like all body hair. Don't be alarmed if this happens while using extensions. When eyelash extensions start to fall out, it's important to remove them professionally. An eyelash lift involves chemically molding the eyelashes with a silicone pad (think of the perm, but for the eyelashes), while an eyelash dye darkens the fringes with a semi-permanent dye.

Before booking an appointment, ask if the eyelash artist is certified and what brand of extensions they use, advises Trina Smith, NovaLash brand ambassador. Touchups cost half the original price, unless you've lost a significant amount of eyelashes. By washing your eyelashes daily and staying away from heat and harmful oils, you protect them from premature eyelash loss. If you're anything like us, every time you open your Instagram you're probably bombarded with beautiful before and after photos of women wearing eyelash extensions.

So let's address the common question: “Do eyelash extensions shorten your natural eyelashes?” Eyelash extensions require great care by not rubbing the area or washing it aggressively, so you run the risk of pulling the extensions and your own eyelashes with them. Having a variety of eyelash lengths will ensure that your bangs continue to look natural as they grow. You may also need to wash your eyelashes daily. Sugarlash makes a LashPure eyelid cleanser and Novalash manufactures CleanLash; both are designed to remove makeup and bacteria and condition eyelashes.

Some popular eyelash serums that people trust are the Rapid Lash eyelash and brow enhancement serum, the Elizabeth Arden Prevage Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum and the new French pharmaceutical brand Embryolisse's Lashes and Brows Booster. As for me, I could try an eyelash extension and skip the false ones so I don't have to find out from personal experience. We've seen first-hand how eyelash extensions, eyebrows, injectables and more personalized and professionally applied can take a woman's confidence to the next level time and time again. Because each eyelash extension is connected to a natural eyelash, the extensions fall out in the same cycle as natural eyelashes.

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