Can eyelash extension glue make you blind?

Eyelash glue can damage your eyes. If the glue gets in contact with the eyes, it can scratch the cornea and cause potential scarring. Vapors from certain glues can also cause burning and itchy eyes. Allergic reactions can occur in or around the eyes.

These reactions have symptoms similar to those of bacterial and fungal infections, and you shouldn't ignore them. Adhesives and artificial eyelashes are ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested. The risks of using such agents are minimized. But sometimes unscrupulous craftsmen use low-quality glue that can cause allergic intolerance.

Keep in mind that some of the drugs that make up eyelash extension products have side effects. The substance bimatoprost, which is used medicinally against high intraocular pressure, can cause inflammation and swelling and even blurred vision. While it's fairly safe for the eyes to come into contact with small amounts of eyelash extension glue, precautions should always be taken to prevent the glue from entering the eyes. If the eyelash extension procedure is performed by an experienced professional, it will not adversely affect vision, as Lisa Startk, who works at Pharmacy Express, said.

The temporary eyelashes are placed above the natural eyelashes, while the semi-permanent eyelashes are attached to the natural eyelashes of the eye. If you are planning to apply false eyelashes and you know that you have allergic reactions to one or more of these ingredients, read the ingredients in the eyelash glue carefully and let the makeup artist know. A waitress claims she was left with “zombie eyes” after a failed eyelash extension procedure that left her locked in her house because she was afraid of scaring children. When eyelash extensions are applied correctly and are at least 0.5 mm away from the eyelids, this shouldn't be a problem.

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