Who is not suitable for eyelash extensions?

If you have had laser eye surgery in the past two years. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions eliminate the need for mascara. Eyelash extensions require maintenance and can be expensive. Asako (left) and Naoko (right) are certified eyelash stylists and the owners of Divine Lashes, a site for eyelash lovers to meet and learn more about eyelash extensions and lifts.

You should make sure to avoid getting cold or hot water on your eyelash extensions under high pressure while showering with eyelash extensions. Magnetic eyelashes and eyeliners are considered safe for most people, especially compared to false eyelashes that require glue. If you feel any discomfort when using eyelash extensions, be sure to contact your technician right away. When applied correctly by a licensed professional, eyelash extensions can provide beautiful and safe results.

Eyelash technicians, who require a license, recommend which extension will work best for you, balancing the desired look with the capacity of your natural lashes and choosing the length, width and degree of curl accordingly. Oil-based products are a major obstacle for those who use eyelash extensions because the oil can disintegrate eyelash glue. This means that dirt or bacteria that are trapped in eyelash extensions may not be removed as they normally would, allowing them easy access to the eye. Anything abrasive, such as wipes or cotton pads, is not good for cleaning eyelashes when using false eyelashes.

False eyelashes usually come in strips that are glued to the top of the natural lash line and removed at the end of the day. While the advantages of eyelash extensions are many, including the ability to complement or improve your appearance, there are also disadvantages of applying eyelash extensions. While false eyelashes can also achieve this look, there are some key differences between false eyelashes and eyelash extensions. Financial investment: As with most things, the price of eyelash extensions depends on where you make them.

Unlike temporary false eyelashes, which are attached to the eyelid in a single strip, eyelash extensions are individual eyelashes. But if you opt for the advanced eyelash technique known as “Russian Volume”, your technician will apply a range of eyelash extensions to each eyelash. THEY LOOK BEAUTIFUL: When done correctly, eyelash extensions will make your eyelashes look long, full and wavy at all times.

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