What is the most natural eyelash extension?

The most natural extension materials are mink or silk. They are also the lightest, making them ideal for those who have never used eyelash extensions before. Synthetic mink eyelash extensions are the most natural looking eyelash extensions. Synthetic eyelash extensions have a more flexible curl, giving the lashes a softer feel and a more natural look for the customer.

They have a matte or flat black color, making them look more natural. A natural set of eyelash extensions can be achieved by getting a classic set of lashes and sometimes half a set of classic eyelashes. New eyelash customers may not be sure what exactly they should order when it comes to achieving a natural eyelash extension look. As transformative as a spray tan and as addictive as gel manicures, eyelash extensions are one of those beauty treatments that, quite frankly, change lives.

The Volume eyelash extension is designed to provide all the volume to your lashes, but without damaging or overloading your natural and healthy lashes. Since each customer has different requirements and tastes, Wisp Lashes artists offer customized tab maps according to the original eyelashes so that the natural eyelash extension matches them well. A classic eyelash set refers to the individual application of one eyelash extension per natural eyelash. With the right combination of CLDC and material, this could be an impressive set of natural eyelash extensions.

When eyelash extensions blend well with your lashes, natural eyelash extensions improve your appearance and make your eyes prominent and charismatic. However, finding an eyelash extension service that can help you achieve the most natural look can be a daunting task, because if it goes wrong, they can look artificial, like a doll's eyelashes. So no, you don't want to use 15 mm in length on your customer who requests a natural eyelash extension.

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