Are false eyelashes hard to put on?

Start by preparing your natural lashes.

False eyelashes

should be the last step in your eye makeup routine. Once your eyelashes are curled and painted with mascara, you can enter the false eyelashes. Place the eyelash glue on your chosen eyelashes and allow them to dry slightly before placing it on the upper eyelid.

The easiest way to put on false eyelashes is with tweezers. If you don't do it on a regular basis, it can be a complicated little adventure that sometimes ends with you putting glue all over your eyelids before giving up and giving up your eyelashes altogether. Make up your eyes before applying your eyelashes because it will be almost impossible to add eye shadow after adding false eyelashes. As a person with natural microscopic eyelashes, I can tell you that this step is essential if you want your false eyelashes to stay firmly in place, whether you use strappy or individual lashes.

There are a lot of factors at play when it comes to applying false eyelashes, including the shape of the eyes, how exactly you remove the lashes from their box in the first place (never tear them off, please) and that's even before we have to trim and apply glue. Don't let these false eyelashes make you believe that I'm as superficial as I look because I'm sincere and profound. Another trick to make false eyelashes blend perfectly with yours is to curl them after applying them, even if you've already curled them before applying them. We recommend trying light lashes, such as Ardell Natural Demi Wispies, Sarah Jean Fluttery Light false eyelashes, for instant Glamour SJ004 and cruelty-free Tarte Tarteist PRO lashes with a small black dress.

Hopefully, the above steps relieved the anxiety you have when it comes to applying false eyelashes, but if not, these are the key takeaways. Thanks to Reddit's makeup addiction subreddit, the Internet has kindly given the most tried and tested advice on how to catch the most natural-looking false eyelashes that *really* will stay on. It won't take long either, just apply a little remover to a cotton swab and wipe it over the eyelash band until it starts to fall out. Just like learning to ride a bike or parallel parking, learning to apply false eyelashes isn't an easy skill.

Tighten the lash strip down over your natural lashes so you don't end up with a strip of skin between your lashes and false eyelashes. This may seem obvious, but if you don't trim your false eyelashes to fit the shape of your eyes, you'll have a hard time. If you're still wary of false eyelashes, check out these three revealing mascaras that offer the same results, without complications. I've practiced without putting on eyelashes before and it works much better, but it's like the tool is allergic to my false eyelashes or something, they don't work together.

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