What are the most popular lashes?

The best false eyelashes Ardell Lash Natural 174. LILLY LASHES Lilly Lashes 3D Mink. 3 pairs of 6D synthetic mink eyelashes from DYSILK, subdued. Effortless velvet eyelashes, no trimming, natural eyelash collection Honey eyelashes from Dark Swan of Denmark. Available in four different styles, Lilly Lashes Lite synthetic mink eyelashes are great because of their super soft hair and strong band.

Above is the Mykonos style, a round eyelash that works best on almond-shaped eyes. If that's not your rhythm, check out the Miami style, known for complementing most eye shapes. Our top pick overall, Velour Lashes Velour Lashes Effortless No Trim Natural Lash Collection Short & Sweet fits most eye shapes, widen for a natural curl and are easy to apply. For a more affordable choice, consider Ardell Natural Lash Black 120, a multi-pack of five lightweight pairs that look and feel natural.

Anyone looking for false eyelashes that stay on for weeks should definitely consider buying Lilac St. These DIY extensions are designed for home use and their fibers arranged individually by hand create an authentic look. Once placed, you shouldn't see a visible line. Eyelash extensions come in original, feathery and voluminous styles.

Since they're not full-striped lashes, you can experiment with combinations of these styles to create a stunning look. They're also stackable, perfect for a spectacular finish. You can sleep, shower and exercise with your Lilac St. Lashes while you wait for them to last at least five days before taking them off.

These full-strip lashes are easy to apply, as they have a flexible silk band that adapts to the contour of any lash line. According to the brand's advertising, velvet eyelashes don't need to be trimmed to fit the lash line. The runways' favorite eyelash brand, Kiss, launched an affordable version of the home extension method that luxury lines like Lashify popularized. Nowadays, this brand is a makeup giant, but it was the false eyelashes that really put Huda Beauty on the map, and these are one of the most popular of all their offerings.

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