How do i start learning eyelash extensions?

Becoming a certified eyelash technician requires training, of course. Certain states require different licenses to lash customers. Beginners in eyelash extensions will find that it's best to start with our Fundamentals and Classic Certification course. This step-by-step class will teach you the basic techniques and basics of applying eyelash extensions.

In addition to technical skills, you'll also learn practical business-building strategies that will help you gain and grow your clientele. This class has been designed for students who are interested in learning the art of applying eyelash extensions individually. Students will learn basic and advanced application techniques, security and customer service. Students will have the opportunity to practice applying individual eyelash extensions to the head of a mannequin and on a live model (provided by the student), under the supervision of a master-level coach.

It is required to bring 1 model per day, a total of 2 models. The quality of their professional educational products on eyelash extensions and their training courses reflect their long experience in the industry and have a positive impact on eyelash extension professionals around the world. The sealant not only provides eyelash extensions with maximum bonding, but also gives them a seamless coating. Luckily, there are thousands of experienced eyelash artists who came before you and made mistakes in their first careers that they had to learn from.

We know you're a perfectionist, so you might spend a lot of time looking for the “perfect” eyelash to attach your next extension to. Eyelash extension is a semi-permanent treatment that uses salon products and should only be performed by certified professionals. You'll use your map to decide what length of the extent will be placed on each layer of the natural eyelashes, so even if you're not yet in the phase where you started working with layers, it's great to practice your cartographic skills now. Eyelash extensions were first introduced to the US market by JB Lashes in 2004 and have since conquered the beauty industry.

Except for the skills you can learn from basic class, expand your repertoire by learning to dye your eyelashes and lift them up. After obtaining the license, you can proceed to the next one and participate in “eyelash extension training”. Unlike self-made party lashes (lashes in strips, lashes bundled) that only last up to 24 hours, for eyelash extension, the eyelash technician uses strong professional glue for eyelash extensions to bond a superfine synthetic lash strand to natural lashes. But this is NOT a direct side effect of getting an eyelash extension itself, but is mainly due to an unprofessionally executed placement of eyelash extensions.

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