Do eyelash extensions cause long term damage?

That stress can cause natural eyelashes to fall out prematurely and, when that happens consistently, it can cause permanent damage.


extensions don't damage eyelashes when applied correctly. To avoid damaging natural eyelashes, eyelash extensions must be carefully selected (length and thickness) and correctly applied to one natural eyelash at a time. If you or your technician ever worry about the health of your natural eyelashes, you may need a break.

However, if the extensions applied are the right length and thickness for your natural eyelashes, you've gently cleaned them with an oil-free cleanser and an eyelash shampoo, there's no reason you can't keep using extensions. In fact, a large proportion of our customers here have been using eyelashes continuously for 5 to 10 years without any problems. If you start to take extra care when cleaning eye makeup (which can block hair follicles and hinder hair growth), you'll probably see that your own eyelashes return to good health. In reality, there isn't much evidence to show if eyelash extensions actually affect your natural eyelash length or your long-term health.

However, there is a very small risk of developing traction alopecia, says Dr. Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, adjunct professor of ophthalmology at Baylor School of Medicine in Houston, where natural eyelashes can fall out as a result of the consistent weight of repeated eyelash extensions. Numerous reasons for the procedure can lead to a person having blood-injected red eyes. From faulty equipment to something as simple as having sensitive eyes can cause this side effect.

Usually, simple or classic eyelashes mean that there is a single extension attached to a single natural eyelash. Taking these two variables into account will allow you to select an eyelash extension that is balanced with natural eyelashes. Keep reading to learn all the basics you'll be happy to know (a bar I'd like to know) before an appointment for eyelash extensions. Unlike strappy eyelashes, eyelash extensions are individually glued to natural hair, so they are highly customizable and look real.

Because eyelash extensions are applied one eyelash at a time to a single natural eyelash, natural lashes can freely go through the growth cycle and eventually come off with the extension attached. Look, I'm not proud of it, but the first time I bought eyelash extensions, I forgot to ask all the important questions before my appointment. And with hybrid eyelash extensions, your eyelash technician can combine them and add a fan where you want more volume, and reduce it with simple ones. We've seen first-hand how eyelash extensions, eyebrows, injectables and more personalized and professionally applied can take a woman's confidence to the next level time and time again.

I always make sure to use eyelash extensions that have the right length and weight that natural eyelashes can support. Eyelash extensions won't cause your natural lashes to fall out faster than normal; natural eyelashes simply follow their growth cycle. Eyelash extensions aren't dangerous or bad as long as the technician follows the right methods and uses the right materials. Eyelash extensions should be done by a professional eyelash technician if you want to avoid ruining your natural eyelashes.

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