Can u swim with strip lashes?

You can go swimming in the ocean with eyelash extensions. Instead of using mascara or strappy lashes, you can opt for false eyelashes that will always keep you looking good. You can swim safely with your bare eyelashes on, as long as you're aware of what that entails. We suggest that you do your test with any type of eyelash, first knowing everything you need to know about it here.

If you've accidentally exposed your false eyelashes to water or moisture, which has caused the eyelash glue to weaken and the lash strip to start to peel off, here's what you can do. You can choose from the wide range of alternative cleaning products, since chlorine and salt water can rarely affect your eyelashes, it is more practical and safer to always overprotect your eyes and their beauty, taking care of them immediately after swimming. So the next time you wonder if I can swim with false eyelashes, rest assured that choosing them for vacation would be the perfect solution. If you want to look good in any type of situation: swimming, having brunch, wedding ceremonies or pool parties, Ashley Kennedy's luxurious eyelashes are ideal for you.

Swimming with eyelash extensions is absolutely real and safe, if you know the nuances of the process.

Penelope Tropp
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