Do men like false eye lashes?

This month, Beauty Recommended surveyed ten men to find out what they really think about false eyelashes. Do you notice them? Do you like its bold and exquisite effect or do you prefer a more natural look? I can only speak for myself. There are a lot of silly things girls do that I also find very unattractive; do duck lips, to name one. Try to be yourself and not what the media tells you to be.

I may notice that your eyes look good, but I'm too dumb to know the difference between wearing mascara and not wearing mascara. I care much more about your overall appearance and how fun you are than how you look with eyelashes. If you're looking to attract a man with your fluffy false eyelashes and your fake, flowing mane, it's time to take a different approach. We seek the truth and discover the things that cause women to cause men to change direction.

Overall, men love seeing women under makeup, so ditch the dramatic routine and be natural for once. A similar effect can be achieved with an eyeliner that may look good, but false eyelashes never look good, especially if the woman is looking up or down. I have eyelash extensions (natural looking, I don't eat miles long) because then I literally wake up and leave the house and it still feels like I tried a little hard. This model makes false eyelashes look great and from a distance I probably wouldn't realize they were fake.

Just because you have false eyelashes doesn't mean they're all fake, sometimes it just makes your life easier. Personally, I think that the audacity of eyelashes is something to judge beauty, never in my life would I reject anyone simply because their eyelashes do not meet the “expectations of society”. As someone who overanalyzes just about everything else about women, I only notice eyelashes when they're covered in mascara. Women have the right to be disgusting, to have hair, to be slow, to wear makeup, not to wear makeup, to wear false eyelashes, to smell good or bad, and to be human beings.

I can tell she's wearing false eyelashes, but only because they're shaped and look too long to be real, says Dimitri Sedashev, from London. The only people I've seen with bad eyelashes are the ones who make them look excessively long with those extensions. False eyelashes should look real, don't let your man see you, put them on or take them off number one so you don't shave your eyebrows, waxing is fine, but everyone needs eyebrows, don't place them with a pencil, they look horrible no matter what you think don't do, this man will look at you saying they look good, but they're lying to you The face is when you know how to tell when your man is lying, also when it comes to the eyes, girls like to put makeup on their socks when you put on you.

Penelope Tropp
Penelope Tropp

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