What type of lashes last the longest?

The C curl fits almost all types of eyes and is therefore the most popular curl. If you have natural, thin eyelashes, but would like them to appear more open and full, opt for the C curl. Thanks to their wider adhesive area, EZ Curl eyelashes also provide better retention. However, due to their long, flat base, if used on downward-angled eyelashes, they will appear heavy and unflattering.

Carefully, she hand-applied each individual lash one by one, ensuring that there was an even distribution of hairs across my lash line. Grand View Research statistics show that by 2025, the eyelash extension industry will have a growth rate of around 5.2%. Like the D curl, due to its spectacular upward curvature, if used for clients with natural eyelashes at an upward angle or with very hooded eyelids, the extensions can puncture the client's eyelids. Sharing makeup brushes not only transfers bacteria and impurities to the skin, but it can also cause mites on eyelash extensions.

However, since individual natural eyelashes come off at different times, you'll need to recharge them every two to three weeks, ideally to maintain a full appearance. There are a variety of eyelash lengths available: your eyelash technician will be able to decide the best length for you. Longer eyelashes are both a time and financial commitment, and could cost you thousands of dollars a year, depending on how often you apply them. B-curl eyelashes have a little more curvature than J-shaped eyelashes, but they're still a great choice for customers with straight lashes that point up or up.

One topic that many eyelash technicians find confusing is how to calculate the correct number of extensions for the Volume technique. Therefore, if you no longer want the extensions to remain in your eyes, go to a professional to remove them professionally without damaging your natural eyelashes. If you let the eyelash extensions fall out along with your natural eyelashes, they will last about eight weeks. A typical treatment involves 80 to 140 individual extensions per eye, with eyelashes that range in length from 6 to 18 mm, according to Richardson.

Discover how the different types of eyelash extensions work and allow yourself endless opportunities with your eyelash creativity.

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