Do you have to get lash extensions removed?

While experts strongly recommend having your eyelash extensions removed by a professional or waiting for them to fall off on their own, there are some methods to safely remove your eyelash extensions at home that you can try. Keep reading for more information, plus best practices for keeping your lashes healthy. First of all, we strongly recommend that you let your lashes grow. This will naturally cause the extensions to fall off on their own without having to tear your eyelashes out with them.

The reason for this is twofold: on the one hand, you may have gotten used to the appearance of having extensions and have forgotten what your real eyelashes look like. Whatever method you decide to try, be sure to take care of your natural lashes after removing your extensions, such as applying an eyelash conditioner to keep them strong and healthy. The key mission of a professional eyelash glue remover is not just to remove eyelash extensions, but to do so without damaging natural lashes. All of the above ingredients can be purchased at Holland and Barrett and what you don't use in the preparation of the eyelash serum can be used on the rest of the body and face, and coconut oil can be used in the kitchen.

In the long term, it can interfere with the growth of natural lashes or cause infections and irritation. Try visiting the same eyelash artist who applied your lashes, as they know what products and techniques they used. The tab improvements destroyed my normal eyelashes and I only completed them 2 times and that was never enough for me again, it's just not great.

Removing eyelash extensions yourself

poses the enormous unwanted risk of damaging your natural lashes, and all eyelash professionals strongly advise you against it.

However, remember to read the label, as some eyelash serums are not suitable for eye health (see the blog on eyelash serums). Most eyelash specialists will say that when done correctly (with the right skill, equipment and individual lashes) compared to this post it will explain to you how to remove eyelash extensions with a professional glue remover for eyelash extensions safely. I would recommend letting them fall out naturally or looking for a different eyelash studio that charges less. When this happens, the best thing to do is visit a professional eyelash technician to have them removed and get a new set.

With a light oil of natural origin, such as olive oil, moisten a cotton ball and place it gently on your eyelashes. The professional glue remover for eyelash extensions is made to have a thick consistency that is only placed on the eyelashes. While eyelash extensions can look absolutely beautiful, they can also be extremely irritating if the lashes are misapplied or if the lashes start to grow in different directions.

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